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Inopinatium (Clarinet and Piano)

Inopinatium (Clarinet and Piano)


for Clarinet and Piano.


Inopinatium, the Latin for “unexpected,” chronicles the feeling of being asleep in a dream and then waking up suddenly with a burst of energy!


“In A Dream...” has swirling gestures that represent the haziness of a dream in which many moments are quite fleeting but the dream can get intense sometimes, to the point where it seems real. The dream spirals back

into haziness until it fades away...


“Awake!” A sudden burst of energy overcomes the dreamer as they are awakened suddenly with a fresh burst of energy. It seems to not have a certain source, except that it’s simply there now. The now awake person

goes about their day, recalling some elements of the previous night’s dream, then looks forward to what is ahead in their new day.

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