Tale of A Whimsical Cat (ADAPTABLE)

Tale of A Whimsical Cat (ADAPTABLE)


for 4-part ADAPTABLE BAND...to meet your instrumentation needs! Grade 1.5.


Cats are such whimsical beings. Between their hyperactive mischief to the docile and cuddly states, there is so much to be loved about cats. This piece is an homage to those classic cartoon cats that we know and love, as well as those real-world cats that have touched the lives of so many.


    Part 1: Flute/Oboe, Clarinet

    Part 2: Flute/Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Alto Sax

    Part 3: Horn, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Alto Sax

    Part 4: Low Brass and Winds.

    Xylophone/Glockenspiel (Glock optional, can leave out)

    Percussion 1- SD/BD

    Percussion 2- Sus. Cymbal, Tom-toms (opt.)

    Percussion 3 (fully optional)- Cabasa, Vibraslap