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First Collaboration!

Recently, an ensemble based out of the Midwest posted somewhere on Facebook asking for suggestions on repertoire for a trio consisting of clarinet, oboe, and saxophone. I reached out and soon discovered that they were also looking for composers to write for them! Eager for an opportunity, I am now working with The _____ Experiment to write new works for this interesting combination of instruments. Be on the lookout for a new work coming up soon!

This being my first collaboration, I am excited to really work with people to make music come alive and to me it feels like I'm part of the music-making. That is so important especially considering these tough times where not as much live music is happening, but people from all over the country and world have collaborated in the unique circumstances and I think that is so beautiful. Never forget the value of working with people to breathe life into such an intimate art form!

Learn more about The _____ Experiment at their website and Facebook:

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