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Composer | Clarinetist | Musician | Advocate

Tyler Mazone is a deaf and neurodivergent bass clarinetist and composer from Michigan. He is working towards a Doctorate in Composition at Michigan State University and is a graduate of there and the Crane School of Music. Tyler advocates for accessibility in music in small and large ensembles alike by molding his work for the performers and educators he composes for. Something Tyler enjoys is actively being a part of new clarinet consortiums. His commissions and performances have included The _____ Experiment, Diversify the Stand, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Crane Bands, Michigan State University Bands and Orchestras, Christopher Keach, Major Fifth Music, and Jen Oliverio. Tyler is also published on his website and with various publishers such as CAMCo and Randall Standridge Music. Outside of composition, you'll find Tyler hiking, reading a book, listening to music, or playing video games!

Featured Pieces!

Featured Recordings!
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Shut Out

**new publication info forthcoming**

Crane Wind Ensemble

Brian K. Doyle, cond. 

Imani Winds

Published by Randall Standridge Music

Performed by Andrew Hosler

Recorded by the Michigan State University

Symphony Orchestra

Asieh Mahyar, cond. 

Appalachia: A Southeastern Wind Symphony

Logan Campbell, cond.

Jennifer Oliverio, flugelhorn

Ellen Sommer, piano

Yours truly, Bass Clarinet

Eileen Snyder, piano

An interview with the ensemble about I Want Answers!

I speak on important topics relating to accessibility such as providing equitable and accessible instruction, and the importance of beginning conversations about disability in the music world.

Recent/Upcoming Performances!

Check back soon for performances during the academic year!