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Composer | Clarinetist | Musician

I am a deaf and neurodivergent composer based in Michigan and write for a variety of ensembles and performers, from large ensembles to solo music.  My music focuses on many different topics pertaining to emotions and simple things in the human experience. My work has been performed and commissioned by: professional ensembles such as The _____ Experiment, The US Air Force Band, The Reverón Trio; various top collegiate bands such as the Michigan State University Wind Symphony, University of Illinois Wind Orchestra, and the Crane Wind Ensemble; and even by individuals such as Andrew Hosler, Ashley Killam, and Christopher Keach. My main goal with these musical endeavors is to advocate for accessibility and to reach a wider range of audiences and performers by improving upon the framework of inclusive practices in music!

Sample Recordings!
(click on underlined titles to buy the piece or for more information)

Shut Out

Crane Wind Ensemble

Brian K. Doyle, cond. 

Imani Winds

Yours truly, Bass Clarinet

Eileen Snyder, piano

Recorded by the Michigan State University

Symphony Orchestra

Asieh Mahyar, cond. 

Recorded by the Michigan State University

Wind Symphony

Kevin Sedatole, cond. 

Michigan State Symphony Orchestra

Octavio Más-Arocas, conductor

An interview with the ensemble about I Want Answers!

Performed by Andrew Hosler

Performed by the Reverón Trio

I speak on important topics relating to accessibility such as providing equitable and accessible instruction, and the importance of beginning conversations about disability in the music world.

Recent/Upcoming Performances!

Check back soon for performances during the academic year!

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