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Tyler Mazone

Tyler Mazone is a deaf and neurodivergent bass clarinetist and composer from Michigan. He is working towards a Doctorate in Composition at Michigan State University and is a graduate of there and the Crane School of Music. Tyler writes mainly chamber, solo, and large ensemble music. His music has been performed and commissioned by: professional ensembles such as The _____ ExperimentThe US Air Force BandThe Reverón Trio, Imani Winds, various collegiate ensembles such as the Michigan State University Bands and Orchestras, Yale Concert Band, University of Illinois Bands, the Crane Wind Ensemble; and by individuals/organizations such as Andrew Hosler, Jennifer Oliverio, Diversify the Stand, Royal Irish Academy of MusicChristopher Keach. Tyler is also self-published through his website and Randall Standridge Music. His main goal with these musical endeavors is to advocate for accessibility and to reach a wider range of audiences and performers by improving upon the framework of inclusive practices in music.


I never expected to be composing and playing music like I am today. I was born deaf. I grew up in love with science, video games, and the usual nerdy things a typical boy at that age would be. I merely participated in General Music class. However, when I first chose my instruments in Fourth Grade I was attracted to the clarinet the most. This began my band career, and I was in for quite a journey. My deafness made it a huge challenge for me to learn how to play music. I struggled to learn how to practice and listen to myself play the clarinet, but I had several music teachers that helped me along the way. I wanted to grow and get better to be able to enjoy music even more. I started composing because I wanted to create the magical music that I heard in video game soundtracks but I eventually started learning how to compose by studying scores and listening in rehearsals. This enabled me to indulge in the music even more, and I enjoy it on a deeper level than before.

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