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Commissions and consortiums are available and open! Please use the form to contact me with the following specifics:

*Instrumentation, ensemble size

*Approximate length

*Styles and Topics you may want me to use?


Commission fees for solo/chamber music are usually around $90 per minute of music, depending on the complexity, instrumentation, and length of the piece. We can negotiate this too.

For Wind Band/Orchestra, I bump the price up to $150/minute. This is due to the complexity and time that these larger ensembles require.

I am also running a Miniatures Special where you pay the fee for 1 minute of music ($90 solo/chamber or $150 large ensemble) for 1-2 minutes of music! Please specify if this is what you are interested in, it is a very accessible way to commission short pieces while still retaining the benefits of collaboration with a composer and building up your resume with new music performances!

Please note that Consortiums are also possible and are WAY more accessible! If you are not aware of what that is, consortiums are essentially group commissions and often have cheaper "buy-ins" for each member. Contact me if this is an option that you want.

If you still intend to go the route of commissioning:

Here is a template of my commission contract so you know what terms and conditions exist-


Ready to start the commission process? Go ahead and contact me!

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