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up to 8 parts

$200/minute of music

STUDENT RATE: $100/minute

or negotiated based on project scope

**for collegiate students**



(sinfonietta, string orchestra,

larger mixed ensembles)

8-15 parts

$350/minute of music



(Wind band, full orchestra, strings w/percussion)

$600/minute of music

PLUS additional residency fees (hotel, travel, masterclass) should we decide on an in-person visit.

If your organization or school (Title I and things like that) is underfunded but still wants the opportunity to commission me, I can negotiate the price for these. I want commissions to be accessible.

PayPal, Venmo, and checks are all taken.

Invoices are produced upon request.


All commissions require a contract to be signed and a deposit made upon that signature. Three payment plans are available:

-full commission fee upon signature

-half deposit upon signature and half upon completion

-payment installment plan agreed upon

by both parties

When you contact me, let me know the following:

*Instrumentation, ensemble size

*Approximate length

*Styles and Topics you may want me to use


Please note that Consortiums are also possible and are WAY more accessible! If you are not aware of what that is, consortiums are essentially group commissions and often have cheaper "buy-ins" for each member. Buy-ins will be tiered and determined based on the specific project. For large ensembles like orchestra and band, expect a $150 buy-in for ensembles and $75 for individuals. Let me know if a consortium is an option that you want!

If you still intend to go the route of commissioning:

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