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Grade .75, duration 1'40"

commissioned by Kristen Pomietlarz and the West Seneca East Middle School Bands


DEMO audio

Live performance (myself conducting the commissioner band)

Perusal Score

Educational materials (rhythm/melody sheets) coming soon!


Epiphany (noun): a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Highlighting most sections of the band with "conversations" happening all over the place, there is no true moment until the ending when everyone plays together. That is the Epiphany! of the piece!


Features and learning objectives:

  • Dynamics (contrast and cresc./dim.)
  • First six notes of B♭scale
  • Orchestration (no block scoring, conversational, passing melody between sections)
  • Counting (some irregular phrasing)



  • Flute


    Clarinet in B♭

    Clarinet (Horn Double)

    Alto Sax

    Tenor Sax

    Trumpet in B♭


    Low Brass/Low Winds

    (parts provided for each instrument)

    Timpani (F, B♭, optional E♭)

    Bells and Chimes

    Snare and Bass Drums

    Tambourine and Woodblocks

    Triangle and Suspended Cymbal

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