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Episode (Clarinet Choir)

for Clarinet Choir, commissioned by the Plattsburgh Community Clarinet Choir


Perusal Score

Plattsburgh Clarinet Choir Recording


Episode is a quirky short piece that explores the homogenous sound and counterpoint which the clarinet choir is capable of. I took inspiration from organ preludes but went in a different direction as far as style and articulation go, with staccato and pizzicato-like figures contrasting with the long legato lines throughout. Episode is mostly diatonic and modal in material, but the middle section of the work is more chromatic and is reminiscent of an episode in a fugue. Hence the title.

Episode (Clarinet Choir)

  • E♭Clarinet (opt.)

    B♭Clarinet 1-3 (1st divisi if no E♭)

    Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn

    Bass Clarinet 1-2

    ContraAlto Clarinet (opt.)

    Contrabass Clarinet

    Double Bass (opt.)

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