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Night Visits (Low Clarinet Quartet)


Duration: c. 5'

Performance by Sarah Watts, Dakota Laurent, Yanke Dai, and Henry McNamara

Perusal Score (4 basses version)


Night Visits is inspired by a child waking up and playfully heading to their parents' room to sleep with them or to cause chaos at 3 in the morning. Much of the piece is playful, with a flowing middle section about the mystery and creepiness of nighttime as a kid. The work ends with a cheeky and sudden decrescendo on a long note, representing how the playful child has now tuckered out and is ready for bed once again.

Night Visits (Low Clarinet Quartet)

  • MODULAR Low Clarinets:

    4 Bass Clarinets, 3 Bass Clarinets and a Contra (in E♭or B♭), 1 Alto Clarinet with 3 Bass Clarinets, Alto Clarinet with 2 Bass Clarinets and a Contra. Multiple scores provided.

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