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Rainbow in My Heart- Children's Choir (2022)



Perusal score, recording, purchase info all in the link above!


Commissioned by the Amherst Bel Canto Choirs, Allison Villalta

Text used by permission from students and guardians


As I was reading through the prompts from the students of the Amherst Bel Canto choirs when they commissioned this work, I thought about how important it is that we realize that children and teenagers are humans just like the rest of us. They experience hardships, emotions, struggles, triumphs, and love just the same. Rainbow in My Heart is a piece about hope and resilience in people, but do not be fooled by the apparent positivity throughout the piece. Peoples’ struggles are valid. I recognize every one of them. Whether struggles be from inequities, hardships, their own insecurities, or discrimination, it is important to be who you truly are: a living, breathing, empathetic human being. We can use this empathy and understanding to bring others into a more positive world and to be the “rainbow in their heart.” Even though the world is a very difficult place, I am emboldened by the empathy, kindness, and resilience of many people who exist.

Rainbow in My Heart- Children's Choir (2022)

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