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What Could've Been (Woodwind Quartet)

Flute, English Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon


Performance by the Denison University Faculty Quartet



What Could've Been is a meditation on bittersweetness; specifically, the kind that results from reconciling with an old friend or an old hobby. One begins to wonder what it could've been like had they not lost contact with that person/hobby and the memories that could have existed, represented by the first half of the piece moving from that bittersweet feeling to a jovial and contrapuntal section. Mournful and broad music, ushered in by an English Horn solo, shows the pain felt from what was missed out on. The climax of this mournful music leads into a sweet melody that says: "Maybe things went wrong before, but now here's a chance to start anew and create more memories."

What Could've Been (Woodwind Quartet)

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