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N.D.- 6/15/23


I wrote a companion piece to Shut Out for fun recently! I didn't expect to do this, but a spark of inspiration struck me one weekend in May and I wrote it in two days so here we are.

I chose to write a celebration-like piece about neurodiversity, called N.D., as a contrast to the deep scope and poignancy of Shut Out. It is a Grade 5 which means it is a little harder than its companion but the piece is more focused on technique and fun. I wrote N.D. as a way to celebrate the diversity that exists with neurodivergent folks because often we are put into boxes according to what is common for autism and ADHD, but neurodiversity is way more than just those specific diagnoses. Even two autistic people from similar backgrounds may have very different experiences and worldviews and I wanted to shine a light on this idea with celebratory and colorful music fit to be a concert opener or closer.

The piece features many colorful percussion effects, woodwind flourishes, broad film-score-like music, solos for flute, oboe, bassoon, flugelhorn (or trumpet if your band doesn't have one), and a fun-loving mood all around. Listen to the piece's demo with a scrolling score below, and check out purchasing information! I'm REALLY hoping to get this one performed sometime. Enjoy!

...maybe one day I'll have to write a Grade 2 or 3 companion to both these pieces...

(Noteperformer demo)


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