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Ma-zone of News: 5/22/23


Let me talk a little about each each title to go purchase it!

Night Games: commissioned by Becca Frederick and premiered by some MSU horns, this is a nice and short fanfare for six horns!

Two Forest Glimpses: a short, cute flute quartet about the woods!

Warm Field Dreams: commissioned by Ashley and Carrie, this is a nice flugelhorn solo with piano about the idyllic vision of a field.

The Island at Grand Ledge: commissioned by Ashley's family, this is a mysterious but beautiful duo for trombone and saxophone.

Reconciliation: my master's thesis showcasing my love for the bass clarinet. Available here and through CAMco!

Triumph and Scherzo: originally commissioned by Keoni, this is a perfect piece for trumpeters to work on C trumpet chops but I have provided B-flat parts as well.


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